13 Apr 2016

Fluid connectors by EQOfluids PNEUMSYS

In the early stages, be prepared for price objections to rise like odors from an ancient sea chest. It’s your job to both anticipate and neutralize those objections, “Fabrezing” them with explanations that will get prospects to understand that your price corresponds, as we’ve said, to the value of your solution. Below is a list of common price objections and how to effectively respond to each.

The fittings offered are as below:-

  • SS316L / Brass / Plastic Push In fitting: For High Pressure and Temperatures upto 250 bar and 150 Deg C
  • SS316L / Brass Two Touch Safety Couplings: For General Pneumatic and Food Grade applications.
  • Lubrication fittings: For Oil upto 250 Bar and 70 Deg C
  • Misting Fittings: for Humidification Upto a pressure of 80 Bar
  • Function fittings: Flow Control / NRV