Aluminium Piping for Compressed Air

Aluminium Piping for Compressed Air Singapore

Aluminium Piping for Compressed Air

Aluminium Piping at Compressed Air system

Aluminium Piping for Compressed Air offers a perfect connection for compressor receiver to air line service components through an absolute take off and ring main point. This can easily be fitted with just push-in action and does not require the preparation of threaded pipe or solvent. The assembling of these systems is easy and simple due to easy to disconnect features. Further, this system can be extended or altered with much decreased production down time. Our range is appreciated for abrasion resistance, durable nature, excellent functionality and corrosion resistant finish.


Safe, Secure, leak-proof

Light weight and easy to handle

No corrosion, reduced maintenance

Easy to alter or extend a system

Fast installation time without the need for tools

Truly demountable without damage to pipe or fittings

Eqofluids Pneumsys offer Compressed Air Piping solutions using fittings from John Guest and Eqo Fluids in Singapore. The compressed air piping fittings system is used for the distribution of compressed air to the required point of use. It is a fairly designed system that helps in energy cost reduction and increase in production efficiency. Pneumsysenergy compressed air system is quick and easy to install and is used in various commercial and industrial facilities. Their smooth inner surfaces produces good air flow, energy savings and give optimum performance under pressure.

Earlier, PVC was used for compressed air piping. It was not long before the fact that it sometimes shattered and failed, sending sharp pieces throughout the area. It becomes brittle over time and is not safe, can explode. It is not recommended for pressure. New products called aluminium air pipe were introduced that utilized material that did not shatter to solved safety issue.