About Us

EQOFLUIDS PNEUMSYS PTE LTD is a Singapore based company which deals in Advance Piping and Energy Management solutions and are leading manufacturers of PUSH FIT Modular Aluminum Piping System.

Having a Global footprint in multiple countries, we offer high quality Pneumatic products and have ensured reliability of performance and a strong after sales service backed up by our team of professionals operating from various regions.

We have a strong set up based in Spain, Italy and India and our head office located in Singapore. We have expanded our international markets having presence in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, UAE, Myanmar and Burma.

EQO Fluid's complete metal range for compressed airline -

EQO fluid fittings are aluminum pressure die-cast body and it is made in Spain.(durability is much better than competitors product). The griping system of EQO fluid fittings is in Conical SS ring and which will give better grip to the pipe (competitor is having SS flat ring for the grip).

The pipes which we are providing is REDRAWN ALUMINIUM ALLOY PIPE IN(T6-6063) GRADE. (competitors are giving extruded aluminum alloy). The pipes are made in India ref. to the EQO fluid standards to reduce the project cost. Pipes are PPE coated from outside and chromated from inside. FITTINGS AS PER (USA STANDARD-AS ME B31.3 AND ASME B31.9 REQUIREMENTS)

PIPES (Made in India by Pneumsys for EQO fluid - UNI EN 755-2/UNI EN 515/UNI EN 573-3 STD)

PEX Pipes and fittings for Plumbing & Heating applications -

We offer John Guest make PEX plastic pipes and fittings for Hot and Cold Water applications using Push-Fit design which has a guarantee of 25 years for no leakages. The world's first food quality Push-In fitting, the John Guest range is now over 800 items strong and provides the quickest and most effective of installations.

Pushing the tube into the fitting is all that is needed to produce an instant but permanent leak proof connection. The fittings are just as easy to disconnect and re use without the need for replacement parts.

The John Guest products are made by FDA approved materials making them especially suitable for potable liquids. Selected items can also be used for inert gases such as CO2.

VP Instrument's Energy Measurement Solutions -

'If you can measure it, you can Control it' goes the old adage. Well, that is correct for what we are introducing as an Energy Measurement System in your plant which can save you 25 - 30% savings on compressed air consumption annually! So, Measure and Protect your Interests.

LMS NORDIC: Leakage Management Solutions-

We are proud to offer you the world's No. 1 most comprehensive and widely used Leakage Management program from LMS Nordic . as the partners for LMS NORDIC in India, we are offering this program with full service and support back up to resolve your leakage issues being faced by you for compressed air systems in your plant.

CMATIC One Touch fittings:

We are pleased to offer CMATIC Push-Fit fittings from Italy which are world's leading manufacturer of specialized fittings for all types of gases and fluids upto a pressure range of 250 Bar. These fittings are offered in India by Luthra Hydro Pneumatic Industries which is a 41 year old business group in the manufacturing of pneumatic products.

The fittings offered are as below:-

SS316L / Brass / Plastic Push-In fitting: For High Pressure and Temperatures upto 250 bar and 150 Deg C

SS316L / Brass Two Touch Safety Couplings: For General Pneumatic and Food Grade applications.

Lubrication fittings: For Oil upto 250 Bar and 70 Deg C

Misting Fittings: for Humidification Upto a pressure of 80 Bar

Function fittings: Flow Control / NRV

Tubings by Medifly:

We represent MEDIFLY, Italy which manufactures specialized tubing in different raw materials, diameters and colors for Pharma, pneumatic, agriculture, milk, food, beverage, water treatment, dental and medical applications. The main raw materials that are available are: PVC, polyurethane, polyamide PA12, PA6, PA11 Rilsan, Polyethylene LDPE & MDPE, Triflex Fly, Trifly Ray, PTFE (Teflon), PVDF (Kynarflex), TPE-E, Copey PA Superflex, PA-ALLOY 12.6, etc ...

Using efficient Aluminum Piping, We have executed more than 5000 projects and hence effectively reduced energy costs by 25-30% as compared to conventional piping systems year on year. With our operations covering mostly all countries in Asia, We have a formidable reach and range which encompasses a complete solution platform for all pneumatic and all types of fluid handling applications.